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We Are ChangeHR

We are an experienced and robust HR consultancy that aims to delight our dedicated clients through their lifecycle, providing a one stop shop service across the whole HR spectrum.  We can communicate with your organisation from ground to Board level to help spark positive change. ChangeHR has acquired a wealth of knowledge from working in the private, public and third sectors, enabling us to identify key characteristics and introduce methods that help your organisation improve workplace efficiency and positivity. Our knowledge bank covers HR, training, employment law, and data protection.

We have recently worked with SMEs in the independent schools' sector, private family-run businesses, hospitality and construction sectors, making them more effective in addition to reducing risks, ensuring the right operations are conducted in the right way. Our HR consultancy is therefore familiar with many different people challenges your organisation may face and allows a peace of mind.



HR consultancy - changeHR. Helping businesses deal with change, the right way.

Our Story

COVID-19 significantly escalated changes to the workplace environment in various ways. Our founder, Stephanie Harper witnessed an acceleration of transformational change, which produced many positive outcomes, such as improved technological skills, worldwide collaboration, faster delivery, and improved mental wellbeing awareness. This resulted in consideration of how to keep up this momentum – hence the creation of "ChangeHR" - an HR consultancy determined to help organisations drive positive change through their people.

During this time Stephanie worked with a range of clients virtually who sadly, like many others, had to make employees redundant. All clients wanted to follow the right process to minimise risk, but many were also willing to do the right thing without compromising their business. As a result she wished to establish an HR Consultancy that helped clients consider innovative solutions to people issues, going beyond the legal requirements, by ensuring employees are treated with fairness, kindness and integrity whilst still meeting effective outcomes for her clients.

Stephanie Harper - Founder & MD

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A fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, I was recognised by the CIPD for over 30 years of work in HR and have since established ChangeHR.  Starting out as a psychologist, I am passionate about the excellent management of people. My approach is very much solutions focused by helping organisations and line managers to follow the right process and do the right thing. I have been here and done this before. Along with my expertise in HR consultancy, I am also an experienced workplace mediator, qualified GDPR practitioner, a qualified Agile project manager, a published author of articles and a Scottish Mental Health First Aider.

Keen on practicing a growth mindset, I continue to learn from the amazing younger people within my voluntary role as a Director/Trustee of Heriot Watt University Student Union. I am an avid networker and take enjoyment from connecting people. Quieter time involves Jane Zoom's fitness pilates and lovely walks in the Pentland Hills with family, friends and our black Labrador aka hoover; Simba.

 Scott McCrory-Irving - HR Consultant

As a graduate of The University of Edinburgh with First Class Honours in Sociology and Psychology, Scott is a skilled HR Consultant with experience of projects in the public, private and third sectors.

Scott specialises in a variety of research methods and report writing, having applied these skills to projects ranging from organisational design, cultural audits and restructures to impact assessments, pay structure reviews and investigations.

When he's not working, you will find him playing football for Tranent FC or on an adventure with his girlfriend Anna.

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 Christine O'Ready - Associate Consultant



Lynn Killick - Associate Consultant

Lynn is an experienced researcher and change agent. She has held positions as Head of Equality & Diversity for the Scottish Government, Retained Diversity Consultant for the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments and previously delivered work as Senior Policy Analyst for the Scottish Funding Council (to advance equality in the university and college sector).

Lynn's impressive work experience also includes writing guides for the European Human Rights Commission and an equalities monitoring guide for the NHS.

When she isn't working or supporting Equate Scotland to tackle the under-representation of women in the STEM sector, you'll most likely find Lynn walking the dog, cooking up a storm, or planning the next family adventure.


Jessica Harper - Communications Assistant

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As a current student at Glasgow Caledonian University studying Multimedia Journalism, Jessica provides part-time communications support to Change HR. Within her role as a Communications Assistant, Jessica drafts out blogs, articles and white papers containing information about current issues arising in the workplace. She also carries out quality assurance checks on key documents.

When she is not studying or writing, Jessica enjoy filling her free time by experimenting new cooking recipes to bring out at our family meals! Then burning the calories off on a run around the Pentland hills.

Socialising with friends, whether it's for a quiet Starbucks date or a night out in Edinburgh, is an important aspect of Jessica's life and she couldn't imagine life without them. To relax after busy days, sitting in bed with a book is the perfect way for Jessica to take a break from her own writing.


Our Ethical Charter

Treating people with fairness, kindness and integrity is at the heart of our HR consultancy. We are passionate about helping organisations like yours do the right thing – in the right way – to achieve their goal. This ethical charter is here to enshrine these principles and ensure that decisions are not made which may breach or materially affect our ethical practices without first considering the views of clients and employees. There are certain values we regard as core to our philosophy and practice and should not be changed without proper consultation. These principles include:



Open Communication

Our natural HR consultancy style when working with clients is to foster a strong atmosphere of collaboration in which ideas and goals are freely shared and incorporated into the decision-making process. However, when the time is appropriate, we will take the lead and deliver occasionally difficult messages to you. We do this because of our unswerving commitment to complete transparency. 

During COVID-19, we experienced the incredible generosity of others. People have pulled together in times of difficulty and we want to maintain that spirit by supplying your organisation with a library of free resources that contribute towards facilitating a more positive working environment for your employees. You can therefore always count on ChangeHR to work collaboratively with great partners to provide reciprocal services.


HR consultancy. We believe in open communication. changeHR. An interview.


HR consultancy. We believe in authentic interactions. changeHR. A collaboration.


We only provide our HR consultancy service if we believe that we can exceed your expectations. Making money has never been our goal; we want to provide expert assistance that helps organisations improve employee relations and foster a more positive workplace culture even if you are going through difficult restructuring and redundancies.

All members of our team are incredibly knowledgeable and value honesty above all else when dealing with you. If they do not know the answer or feel unsure about the best way to move forward, they will not be afraid to say they are not in a position of certainty. We will then work together to seek the correct solution; our team never pursues a course of action that it does not know will suit the characteristics and aims of your organisation



No matter how difficult or challenging a situation becomes during investigations or redundancies, we will always work closely with clients with the aim that all individuals involved are treated with equal levels of dignity and respect. ChangeHR will never prioritise our clients over the welfare of our team – all parties will be given the same level of respect. Discrimination in all its forms is strictly prohibited.

We genuinely believe that by trusting and treating our clients and employees with the same level of dignity and respect, a strong working relationship will always serve as the end result. Our team will always look to establish dignity and respect as the basis for how we work. This leads to a great service that goes to the heart of what your organisation requires.

HR consultancy. We believe in respecting others. changeHR. A hand shake.





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