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We are a robust HR consultancy. We inspire, develop and improve UK SMEs by helping them do the right thing – in the right way – when dealing with their employees we offer HR advice, support, audits, investigations, hands-on delivery and training to help small to medium-sized organisations from different sectors improve their staff structures, cultures and processes. Our team are interested and curious.  They work hard to understand your organisation and offer a flexible service that aligns with your exact needs. We offer a unique blend of knowledge that covers HR, training, employment law, and data protection. We want to understand your DNA and tailor delivery accordingly. We are not an off the shelf service.

ChangeHR has the requisite skills to assist organisations in the private, third and public sectors, offering either a comprehensive HR consultancy service or simply providing technical advice with innovative solutions.


Organisational Design

HR consultancy - changeHR. Organisational design service.

Our unique HR consultancy assists with your effective organisational design by helping you with:

  • Redundancies, short-term working, and furlough
  • Organisational restructures, reorganisations, TUPE and M&A
  • Outplacement and job search services
  • Job descriptions, job evaluation, pay benchmarking, pay structures, varying pay and benefits
  • Recruitment and selection, including advice on immigration checks
  • Establishing a shared centre/HRBP structure
  • Cultural transformations
  • Workforce resourcing reviews (quantity, level and type of roles required, etc.)
  • Service reviews
  • Process reviews
  • Data mapping
  • Business plan design



Organisational Culture

HR consultancy - changeHR. Organisational culture design.

ChangeHR helps your organisation to install a positive, more productive culture by providing:

  • Effective performance management, which includes: workplace mediation; disciplinaries and grievances; independent investigations; hearings; dismissals; appeals; handling issues regarding employee relations
  • Management of individual and organisational performance and attendance issues
  • HR health checks to ensure HR policies, systems and practices are robust and compliant with current employment legislation and best practice
  • Mentoring line managers in managing personal issues of employees
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion toolbox, including strategy, action plans, policies, and blended learning
  • Employee engagement
  • Staff surveys
  • Leadership reviews
  • Embedding values
  • Strategic audits and development, which includes: EDI; health and wellbeing; agile working; business plans and business planning days; talent management strategies; GDPR and data protection audits


Organisational Development

HR consultancy - changeHR. Organisational development service.

ChangeHR believes learning has the power to transform organisations and individuals when focused on doing the right thing in the right way. Unlike other providers, our classroom or virtual delivery provides takeaway templates and documents that can be utilised immediately. Our aim is to change behaviours, attitudes and build confidence in people matters within the workplace. Some examples of flexible training we have delivered includes:

  • Effective life management skills for remote and workplace workers
  • Employment law for managers
  • Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Mental wellbeing and resilience
  • People management for managers and embedding current policies
  • Handling workplace conflict and mediation
  • Post-Brexit GDPR and data protection


Coaching, Mentoring & Events

HR consultancy - changeHR. Coaching, mentoring, conferences and events.




Alternatively, ChangeHR can provide coaching or mentoring on a one-to-one basis, if required. Furthermore, our wide network database allows us to efficiently organise successful conferences and events.





 HR Action Plan

We offer a non-committal HR consultancy action plan to ChangeHR's Linkedin members, working closely with you to identify your current challenges and then formulating potential bespoke solutions. We don't charge for this plan. Having a personalised HR action plan allows you to prioritise and then map out your people matters over the next 12 months.

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To receive a free HR Action Plan (for any member of ChangeHR's Linkedin) or, utilise other branches of the HR consultancy provided by ChangeHR, from employee relations to investigations to redundancies, please get in touch with us.

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